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Brands of Shoe Care

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Brands of Shoe Care, There are more good quality shoe care brands available than in a long time, and many of them are more accessible.

Brands of Shoe Care, There are more good quality shoe care brands available than in a long time, and many of them are more accessible than ever thanks to the growth of e-commerce. 온라인카지노

Here’s a rundown of all the brands you should be aware of, as well as information on where you can buy them.

When the Japanese do anything, they usually do it correctly. This is also true for shoe care products

With Boot Black from Matsudo, Tokyo, being one of the most advanced shoe care companies today.

Columbus is the premium brand of the industry’s primary Japanese participant.

They have a huge development department and an extensive selection of Boot Black products

Including ordinary shoe cream and wax polish, sole edge crayons (to cover minor markings), and an oil-based polish that allows for a high shine all over the shoe.

Their products frequently have a strong odor, but they are easy to work with and produce excellent results.

Has a growing retailer base around the world;

For example, in Europe, you can find them at The Shoe Snob, and in the United States, Leffot is one of the retailers.

Here is a look at some Boot Black products.

Yuya Hasegawa, Japan’s first world champion in shoe shining, founded the firm Brift-H, which shares the same name as their shoe shine bars.

A limited selection of lotions, waxes, brushes, and other cosmetics.

The goods are similar in consistency to Collonil below, but are nice and easy to work with. It has its own online store that ships internationally.

It’s vital to note that today’s Burgol is not the original. I debated whether to mention this at all, but I believe it is important to be upfront about the story here.

To summarize, the original Swiss Burgol had their company name stolen by their German agent (see more in this article)

Who now produces Burgol items in France, which are not of the same quality as before, but are still quite nice.

The original Swiss corporation has been renamed Siegol (see below). The new Burgol is now mostly found in Germany, but it also sells globally.


Collonil is one of Europe’s major manufacturers of high-quality shoe care products.

There are numerous different ranges, where the standard series is stable with good products that do not contain silicones and where most things are available. 카지노사이트

They also have a premium range with just natural ingredients called 1909, which is incredibly wonderful and reasonably priced overall.

The cream has a high pigment content and a soft consistency, and the wax is relatively easy to work with.

Their own online store sells the whole line and ships globally.


Columbus is the company behind Boot Black, but they also sell a variety of simpler items under their own brand.

The largest shoe care company in Japan, offering literally everything you can imagine and more.

Can be found primarily in their home market, but also in other parts of Asia.


Famaco, a French shoe care firm, has been around since 1931 and mostly creates products for shoe labels, retailers, and others who want their own branding on things

Thus what is manufactured is a mix. They assemble primarily their best products with an exclusive touch under their own brand.

They offer a lot of colors, especially for their shoe cream, with over 100 different colors (! )

And it’s definitely beautiful and easy to apply. Monsieur Chaussure is the most popular online retailer.


Kiwi is a player aimed more at the general public than shoe enthusiasts, so the emphasis is on low-cost

Easy-to-use products, which unfortunately often include synthetic chemicals.

It cleans quickly, shines quickly, and so on at a low cost, but it is sometimes questionable for leather.

One of their finer products is their wax polish Parade Gloss, which is clearly easy to get a nice shine with.

However, one of the reasons is that it contains silicone (which varies depending on the market)

Which can clog the pores in the leather and limit its ability to breathe and thus age well

At least if overused. Most areas of should be fairly easy to access. 카지노 블로그

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